Staging the North: Twelve Canadian Plays

Patti Flather

Edited by Sherrill Grace, Eve D’Aeth & Lisa Chalykoff

This anthology includes the stage play Sixty Below, by Patti Flather and Leonard Linklater. Staging the North, published with Playwrights Canada Press in 1999, is out of print, but look for it in a library near you or find copies online. It also includes Yukon plays by Sharon Shorty and Philip Adams.

“Along with Colonial Tongues, Sixty Below is the most complex and ambitious of the plays collected here. This complexity arises not only from the inter-relations of its characters, but also from the hybridity of its sources, style, and presentation; it is a play that tries to live in two worlds and does a remarkably successful job of it.”
– Sherrill Grace, Co-Editor, in “Degrees of North: An Introduction”

Also see Grace’s introduction in Space and the Geographies of Theatre, edited by Michael McKinnie.