West Edmonton Mall

Patti Flather

Is there life without the Fantasyland Hotel? Not for Christine. West Edmonton Mall is a one-woman play about isolation, go-nowhere jobs and been-nowhere boyfriends…and it’s about getting from the Yukon to the Polynesian Room in the Fantasyland Hotel in the middle of winter before you turn 30.

West Edmonton Mall premiered in Whitehorse and toured the Yukon, directed by Michael Clark, featuring Moira Sauer (Gwaandak Theatre/Nakai), then to Toronto’s Hysteria Festival (Buddies in Bad Times). An earlier version was on Winnipeg  stages (Sarasvati Productions). Buy your script here.

An excerpt is featured in She Speaks: Monologues for Women, edited by Judith Thompson, from Playwrights Canada Press, available here. Patti adapted West Edmonton Mall into a CBC radio drama, a 2004 finalist for the Writers’ Guild of Canada Canadian Screenwriting Awards.